The Twin Cities Larp Collective

Welcome to the Larp House!

We do Larps. Please take the time to look around at what we do!

The Larp House is an inclusive Twin Cities larp community. We are a member-powered collective that offers live action roleplaying games to the public.

Our larps are most often one-time events that tell a complete story in a few hours. No previous experience is needed to attend a larp and new people are always welcome.

The Larp House strives to welcome people from marginalized communities and people who haven’t larped before. We want larp to be an artform that everyone can appreciate! Organizing larps can be very rewarding, we love helping people organize their first larp.

We draw our inspiration from many larp traditions, including Nordic, Jeepform, and US Freeform. For lack of a better term, our larps have been described as “Innovative,” “Captivating,” and “Really Flippin’ Cool.”