The Twin Cities Larp Collective

What is a Larp, you ask?

"Larp" is an acronym that stands for "Live Action Role Play". Usually a Larp is also a game, but "Larpg" doesn't roll off the tongue as well. Try it! See? So, let's just call it a Larp.

Sound scary, you say?

It's not! Everyone in any Larp is going to just as awkward as you; there's no pressure to be crazy and wacky.

More specific? Okay.

Larps are most similar to improvisational theater, minus the pressure of the audience and the feeling that you need to entertain. You are only there to act for yourself. No one else!

But why should you play?

Have you ever wanted to step into someone else's shoes for a while? Wanted to see what the world looks like from someone perspective? Larps offer you a unique opportunity to brush against someone else's world.

Still want to know more?

Well, I must say, I'm running a little dry on explanation. Never was good at public speaking.... Go here. They can tell you want you want to know.